We frequently manufacture car, motorcycle, and aircraft haulers, concession trailers, food truck trailers, landscaping trailers, mobile pet grooming trailers, motorcycle and ATV trailers, mobile office trailers, trailers with living quarters, and more. The following lists are examples of the standard packages we offer. These packages are fully customizable to suit customer needs and are used to provide a baseline to build the perfect trailer unit.


30 Amp or 50 Amp Package 

Includes: two (2) 110-V receptacles, one(1) interior light switch, two (2) 4' LED lights, and one(1) 30 Amp or 50 Amp panel box w/ life line or pigtail.



Includes: aluminum 7-Star Mag wheels with radial tires, two (2) aluminum side-wall vents, six (6) D-rings (rated at 5,000 lbs. each), two (2) rear stabilizer jacks, anodized or ATP corners, ramp door w/ 16" ramp flap, 24" anodized or ATP sides / rear. Other options: cast corners, spread axles, e-track. 


Completely customizable: Concession door(s)/window(s), triple-sink and hand washing station with or without cabinets, mill-finished metal walls and ceilings, electric and/or propane capabilities, water heaters, turn-key appliance installation. 


Includes: 0.030 exterior metal, 2" x 6" perimeter frame, 12" O.C. floors &16" O.C. walls, adjustable coupler, 60" triple tube tongue, heavy-duty ramp door, 5,200 lb. torsion axles, shelving in nose, 12" interior kick plate (3/4" plywood), plastic side wall  vents and non-powered roof vent, e-track on both walls, six (6) D-rings, 36" wide side door.